//Then on to the eye exam where

Then on to the eye exam where

Then on to the eye exam where I’m going to be asked to read the same eye chart I’ve been trying to read for 60 years. Maybe if the optics guy would pronounce the letters more clearly I would do better. I’ve been flunking the thing since ’58. Then it happens again. And again. And again, trapping him in a seemingly eternal damnation in which it forever Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney and he the only one aware of it.

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replica oakleys Talk about your impossible tasks. Good luck there, gents. But if I were Lincecum’s agents, I’d at least demand that Cy Young bonus clause. There are three.Dining in Cincinnati is an experience that’s difficult to define. It’s a true smorgasbord of new and old, decadent and healthful, elegant and undiscriminating.On one hand there are places like Orchids at Palm Court, Metropole and Boca, which elevate the culinary experience to an cheap oakleys art form. Neighboring towns in Kentucky, such as Covington, are introducing new cuisine and libations with a hominess you’d expect „down South.” Oh, and there’s a lot of bourbon there, too.So take a look at some of the distinct flavors that Cincinnati has to offer in the gallery above. replica oakleys

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